Comparison of Multi vendor ecommerce platforms

multi vendor comparison

Now is the perfect time to start your ecommerce business. But you surely need some guidelines in order to get the most functional and properly working shopping cart.

Multi vendor Ecommerce vendors would give comparison of one of the most popular multi vendor platforms and ecommerce vendors, so you’ll have all the information to make the right choice.

Our comparison would be based on several features. Today we’ll get more information about Dokan Multi Vendor, CS-Cart, X-Cart and Market Press.

1. Ecommerce price comparison.

We’ll start with prices. X-cart Ultimate cost $1,795 and is the most expensive from the four. It’s followed by CS-Cart Multi Vendor which costs $985. The next one is Dokan Multi Vendor with the price of $199. And the cheapest one is Market Press – only $79.

multi vendor comparison

2. Multi vendor’s design.

The Dokan multi vendor platform has the highest score for design. X-Xart and CS-Cart have the same score. And Market Press as on the bottom of this rankings.

3. In Build features of multi vendors platforms.

The leader is again the Dokan multi vendor platform. The other three – Market Press, X-Cart and CS-Cart has the same number of in build features.

4. Is the design user friendly and can we work with the ecommerce platform easily.

Market Press can’t boast with very user friendly desing. In fact its design is the worse, compared to the other three. X-Cart and CS-Cart has same results. And the winner in the user friendly design category is again Dokan.

multi vendor features

5. Store security is important for every every ecommerce multi vendor platform.

CS-Cart has the best store security, followed closely by Dokan. The third placeis taken by X-Cart. And Market Press is considerably behind the the rankings.

6. How significant is the role of coding structure for multi vendors.

Market Press and X-Cart have same results, but their coding structure isn’t the best. The second place is for Dokan, so the first place is taken by CS-Cart.

7. Every multi vendor platform needs a payment integration.

This category shows us once again that Dokan is the best one for payment integration. Of course, CS-Cart and X-Cart have good results too. Market Press shows satisfactory results.

8. SEO features for better placement in search engines.

If you’re looking for multi vendor platform with excellent SEO features, then you have to choose Dokan. Well, X-Cart and CS-Cart have also good parameters for SEO features, while Market Press isn’t really good at it.

multi vendor chart

9. Which multi vendor platform gives us good reports and control.

Again, the best multi vendor platform for reports and control is Dokan. Market Press is on the bottom of the ranking. X-Cart and CS-Cart are in the middle.

10. Can we count on support with multi vendors platforms.

Of course, that these four ecommerce platforms give us support. The best one is Dokan‘s, X-Cart and CS-Cart has satisfactory support and Market Press’s support has the lowest results.

All in all, recommend you to choose the Dokan multi vendor platform, because it gives you everything you need, it has great features, it’s easy to work with and it doesn’t cost too much.

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